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Features & Pricing

  • Standard

    Free No Cost For Life
    • Up to 100 Submissions/Clicks
    • Email Collection Widgets
    • Facebook/Twitter Widgets
    • Multiple Display Types
    • Widget Customization
    • Conversion Reporting
    • + See more features below
  • Premium

    $ 16.00 Per Month / Billed Annually or $19.99 per month
    • Unlimited Submissions/Clicks
    • Custom Messaging Widgets
    • Real-time Visitor Monitoring
    • Page/Device Targeting Rules
    • Integrate 500+ apps via Zapier
    • Remove Formilla Branding
    • + Everything in Standard

15 Days Free Trial. No credit card required.

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  • Number of Submissions/Clicks
    The total number of email submissions and clicks (applies to Facebook, Twitter, and Custom widgets) you can have each month. All packages allow for unlimited widget views.

  • 100

  • Unlimited
  • Number of Widgets
    The number of widgets you can create and activate within your Formilla Edge account.

  • Unlimited

  • Unlimited
  • Number of Websites
    Receive support for this number of websites.

  • 1

  • 5
  • Email Collection Widgets
    Continually grow your email list with our beautiful email collection widgets and popups.
  • Facebook and Twitter Social Media Widgets
    Increase your Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers using our social media widgets.
  • Custom Messaging Widgets
    Create custom messaging widgets to announce a limited time offer or sale, offer a coupon code, direct users to your latest blog, communicate breaking news or a maintenance outage, or market virtually anything to your visitors!
  • Lightbox Popup (Modal) Widgets
    Use lightbox popups with any of our widget types to collect email subscribers, grow your social following, or market anything using our custom messaging widgets. They also look great on mobile devices!
  • Top or Bottom Website Bars
    Top or bottom website bars are a great alternative to lightbox modals and allow you to display a message across the top or bottom of your website. Use them to collect emails, social followers, or create custom messaging bars to communicate anything to your visitors.
  • Sliding Corner Widgets
    The sliding corner widget is a more subtle widget which quietly slides in to display in the bottom-left or bottom-right corner of your website. This widget display type is available with any of our email collection, social, or custom messaging widgets.
  • Timing and Scroll-based Triggers
    Display a widget after a defined number of seconds (e.g. after 15 seconds), or to automatically popup if the visitor scrolls on your website. Also control how often to display the widget to a visitor by selecting Always, One Time, Daily, Monthly, etc.
  • Exit Detection Functionality
    Increase your email subscribers by up to 200% by enabling Exit Detection functionality to collect email subscribers before visitors leave your website. Formilla Edge will automatically detect when the visitor moves their mouse outside of the browser display area and quickly displays your lightbox modal to get their attention before they’re gone!
  • Real-time Visitor Monitoring
    View the most active visitors on your site and see how they interact with your widgets in real-time. The Live Feed will display new subscriber emails, notifications when your Facebook "Like” or Twitter "Follow” buttons are clicked, and each time your custom widgets are clicked. You’ll also get access to view each visitor's page URL, the referring website, the user’s country/location, whether they’re new or returning, and more.
  • Advanced Page and Device Targeting Rules
    Show or hide any of your widgets with flexible rules based on whether your visitors are originating from organic Google traffic, social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, or virtually anywhere else. Also target users based on which website or webpage they’re viewing, or even whether they’re using a mobile/tablet or desktop device.
  • New Features and Upgrades
    Get all the latest features as we continue to add new functionality for no extra charge!
  • Remove "Powered by" Branding
    We provide the ability to remove branding from your widgets, upon request.
  • Integrate with hundreds of apps using Zapier
    Automatically post email subscribers directly to your favorite apps using Zapier. Hundreds of apps are supported, including email marketing tools, CRMs, ticket systems, and a lot more (e.g. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Pipedrive, Infusionsoft, Zendesk, etc.). You can read more about Zapier here.
  • Customize Colors and Language Text
    Customize your widgets to match your site's look and feel. Change font color, backgrounds, buttons, etc. Also fully customize the text of your widgets in any language of your choice.
  • Advanced Customization Control
    Access the Advanced CSS for your widgets to make them appear pixel perfect!
  • Export Email Data
    Export all email submissions in CSV format to easily import the data into any system supporting CSV format.
  • Email Notifications
    Enable email notifications and we’ll send you an email every time someone subscribes to your email widgets, or clicks the call-to-action (CTA) button for your custom messaging widgets.
  • Click Conversion Reporting
    Monitor the success of your widget campaigns by viewing the number of times a widget is displayed, clicked, or converts to an email subscriber over the course of a given time period.
  • Email Support
    Use our lightning fast email support by simply reaching us at or start a chat with us while we're online if you have questions regarding your account.
  • Phone Support
    Upgrade to Premium for priority support, including phone support when necessary.

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