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About Us

The Formilla Edge messaging platform is brought to you by the same team that built Formilla Live Chat, our extremely popular live chat software currently in use by over 10,000 websites. Formilla was first started in 2010, co-founded by Tawer and Zaia Gilyana, twin brothers with backgrounds in technology and business.

About the Founders

written by Zaia

Tawer and I would first trace our entrepreneurial spirit back to an early age, probably around the age of 10 or 11 years old. Lemonade stand aspirations gradually matured to online sales, technology degrees in Computer Information Systems, and ultimately where we are today in creating online products in the communication and marketing spaces for businesses of all sizes.

We take great pride in making our software as simple and easy to use as possible. From the moment you try our Formilla Edge and Formilla Live Chat apps, you'll notice our plugins are extremely simple to install and activate. You'll also notice our service and support is lightning fast, reliable, and always comes with a personal touch. We hire some of the best talent in technology and customer support to ensure we continue to deliver what customers have come to expect from us everyday.

  • Our Guiding Principles
    • Simplicity: we're firm believers in the "80-20" rule when building product functionality.
    • Unparalleled Support: fast, pleasant, and actually helpful, even on nights and weekends..
    • Quality: we test extremely thoroughly, and our software works well as a result.
    • Only Hire the Best: we'll take months looking for the perfect fit for our team.
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